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We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Due to the high value of our items, we require you to upload your ID the first time. This is because we want to know who rents our bags. For the safety of our customers and ours.

You can rent one item at the time. If you want to rent more items at the same time, you can send an email to or WhatsApp us at +31 6 44 84 85 76 and we can look at the possibilities.

You can rent an item for a minimum of three days and a maximum of 28 days. Some items deviate from the minimum and maximum period. If you want to deviate from the minimum or maximum duration, you can send an email to or WhatsApp us at +31 6 44 84 85 76 and we can look at the possibilities.

All the bags we rent are 100% authentic.

It is not possible to reserve an item.

You can book an item up to two months in advance.

It is the renter’s responsibility if a bag is lost or stolen (No Return). You are responsible for 200% of the RRP mentioned on the website! (see term & conditions article 4.3).

If the renter damages an item then the renter is responsible for the RRP as presented on the website and must remit the amount to Sophisticated Closet (see terms and conditions article 4. After the money is transferred the item will be sent to the renter. Damage includes:

  • Stains in the interior (make up, ink, etc)
  • Stains on the exterior (Ink, water, etc)
  • Scratches on the bag
  • Broken hardware

If you would like to buy an item, you can send an email to or WhatsApp us at +31 6 44 84 85 76. We will check whether the bag is for sale and will determine an appropriate price for the bag.

You can always email or WhatsApp us at +31 6 44 84 85 76 and let us know your item suggestion. We will check if there is more demand for this item and possibly purchase the item.

You can certainly travel with an item, but in case of theft, loss or damage, the renter is fully responsible.

Of course we like to rente your designer if its a good item. Send an email to or WhatsAapp us at +31 6 44 84 85 76

It is possible to pick up and return a bag at our headoffice in The Hague. Choose “pick up” at the shipping method. You get a €10 discount! if you pick up your order and bringit back.

The item is automatically extended by one day and you pay an additional day-fee (see the Site) If you fail to return a bag after 14 days, you will be liable for 2 times (200%) the display price on the Site (RRP) of the bag and any late fees due. Also 8% interest will be charged on the cost of
any bag in a client’s possession in addition to late fees. (the 200% charge is to prevent ‘buy by no return’ action; client wants to buy the Bag because its very rare/unique).

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